Honed finishes are versatile and can be used in many different ways. The Honed matte finish is likely to be used as precast stair planks / landing and also for the landscaping industry. Whereas the honed satin finish can be used for exterior walls on many types of buildings.

These types of finishes are sealed to protect the concrete and prevent staining (grouting and densifying are optional).


This is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all finishes.

Generally used in unique ways to highlight a particular feature, its grouted, densified and sealed to protect the concrete and prevent staining.

Sheen level

Honed Matte (up to 100 grit resin)

Honed Satin (up to 400 grit resin)

Polished Gloss (up to 800 grit resin)

Polished Hi-Gloss (up to 1500 grit resin)

Polished Mirror (up to 3500 grit resin)

Selection method

To achieve your desired look, we recommend you select the concrete colour, then aggregate colour combination followed by sheen level and exposure level.

Aggregate exposure level

Light Exposure (Minimum salt and pepper look exposure, tip of the aggregate can be seen at random)

Medium Exposure (Some aggregate slightly exposed at random)

Full Exposure (Fully exposed aggregate)


Concrete is made from natural raw material, so while we take care to ensure you achieve the desired outcome, expect aggregate and colour variations and imperfections in precast.

Photos and samples are an indication only and can vary in colour, shape and texture, there is no guarantee that your precast project will look exactly like the sample that you have viewed.

Architects and builders, please be aware that minor patching/repairs may be required due to handling, transportation and installation- these are likely to be noticeable.