Inlay brick combines the lasting beauty and durability of traditional brick with all the benefits and efficiencies of precast concrete. Inlay brick is considerably faster than traditional brickwork, allowing quick enclosure and removing the brick facade from the critical path.

Inlay brick is prefabricated offsite to allow faster construction times onsite – saving time and money.

Speed up construction time, no scaffolding, less trades.


Concrete is made from natural raw material, so while we take care to ensure you achieve the desired outcome, expect aggregate and colour variations and imperfections in precast.

Photos and samples are an indication only and can vary in colour, shape and texture, there is no guarantee that your precast project will look exactly like the sample that you have viewed.

Architects and builders, please be aware that minor patching/repairs may be required due to handling, transportation and installation- these are likely to be noticeable.